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KnapSac services control screen shot
In this configuration five KnapSac services have been configured on one Windows computer to backup files sent from five different OpenVMS computer systems: APOLLO  a standalone OpenVMS computer ARIES a standalone OpenVMS computer ATLSA a standalone OpenVMS computer Production Cluster a OpenVMS cluster Test Cluster a OpenVMS cluster Each service has a unique storage path where backup files sent from different OpenVMS computers will be stored.  The storage path defined in the KnapSac configuration file is a top level folder and represents the starting point for storing backup files for the service.  Backup files can be stored in subfolders under the top level folder be specifying the subfolder on the OpenVMS KnapSac command line. In this configuration three services each handle a single port to backup/restore files from a standalone OpenVMS computer.  Two of the services handle multiple ports so that multiple backup/restore streams can be serviced concurrently from several OpenVMS computers which are clustered.